Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Meet the Red Dress pace leaders

There are many cool things about the Red Dress Run - it’s one of only two races we produce each year that is exclusively for women. This year, we’ve got another great line-up of swag for runners, including adorable "running chick" t-shirts, unique finisher bracelets and tons of goodies at the post-race party.  

We also are bringing back something we introduced last year, the first time we ever offered pacers at a 5K.  A group of volunteer pacers from Team HMF will help you reach your race goal, whether it’s crossing in a certain time, finishing your first 5K or simply having a blast with supportive and motivating women all around you.

Look for them before the race, and learn a little more about them below.

Pacers - Red Dress Run for Women, presented by UnitedHealthcare

Pacing at 8 minutes per mile (mpm) – Elizabeth Mashiak & Kristina Miner 
Pace strategy, according to Elizabeth: "Keep the pace consistent. A huge problem some people run into is starting off too fast then burning out before they get to the finish"   

Kristina’s running tip "When it starts to hurt, think about your eye lashes...by focusing on my eye lashes (which clearly never hurt), my attention is on something positive and I stop focusing on what hurts"

9 mpm – Ryan Morgan & Stacey Clark          
Stacey’s race motto "Stick with it, be persistent, be insistent."

10 mpm – Diane Perry & Katie Ouellette
Susan & Elanna Rubenstein,
mother-daughter pace team!
Group pace strategy - "We're going to resist the urge to race out at the start and try to settle into a nice groove so we hit a perfect 10:00 pace for our splits. With two pacers, we will have a pacer stop at water breaks and one that continues on pace"

11 mpm – Elanna & Susan Rubenstein
Why Elanna feels Red Dress Run is so unique "Nothing is more empowering than being inspired by other women! I know so many people that make Red Dress Run their first 5K and come back year after year!”

Wise words from Susan "Have a goal but remember to enjoy the experience along the way. Be proud of yourself for just lacing up your sneakers and running"

12 mpm – Steph Gagliardi & Chris Trotta
Tip from Steph "Running with friends has always helped me in achieving my own running goals...Having a support system is really key with staying motivated”

Wise words from Chris (the ONLY male at Red Dress Run) "Enjoy every moment, even the ones that don't seem enjoyable, they are the ones you are going to look back on and realize how awesome you are!" 
Helping the back of the pack finish – Kimberly Markey & Amie Comer
Group pace strategy “Lead by walking a slow and steady pace of 16-minutes/mile, adjusting accordingly not to leave anyone behind. We will talk and encourage all to keep moving forward while having fun."

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2016 Aiello Inspiration Team honors volunteerism

Volunteers are truly at the heart of our events.  The amazing people that give of their time and efforts inspire us all to do better and be better.

We're calling for applicants to the 2016 Aiello Inspiration Team at the Eversource Hartford Marathon. We are looking to honor those who volunteer in their communities - whether volunteering for charity, mentoring, donating time to community services or supporting Eversource Hartford Marathon as a race week volunteer - we want give these superstars the VIP treatment.

Do you know someone who fits the bill?  Nominate them by July 8 here!  Check out more information about the application process below.

Hartford Marathon Foundation Seeks Nominations of Outstanding Volunteers, Runners for Aiello Inspiration Team at Eversource Hartford Marathon

The Hartford Marathon Foundation is calling on athletes and volunteers who offer their time and efforts to various community causes to submit an application for the Aiello Inspiration Team at the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon.  The selected team members will represent runners in the event who also serve their communities and, new this year, the team will include outstanding volunteers at the Eversource Hartford Marathon.

The inspirational and motivating race day runners and volunteers will represent the best examples of dedicated service to community groups and causes. Candidate submissions must reflect the ways in which the individual has been positively linked to these initiatives.

Applications will be accepted from runners and race day volunteers of any age or skill level participating in the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon, on Saturday, October 8, 2016, in Hartford, CT.  Participants can nominate themselves or others who they feel represent these inspiring qualities.  

Aiello Inspiration Team members will be provided with elite level benefits during race weekend including:
·      Custom event apparel 
·      PRE Perks package and race registration for runners  
·      Special perks package for volunteers
·      Complimentary hotel stay (for those 60+ miles from Hartford)

All team members will also be featured in various race promotions and publications and at the Total Fitness Expo during race week.

Nomination forms are available on the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon Registration Tab under Aiello Inspiration Team. Nominations will be accepted through July 8.  A panel committee will review applications, and winners will be notified in late July. 

“Volunteers are invaluable to the Hartford Marathon Foundation and at the core of what makes the Eversource Hartford Marathon a success year after year.  We are delighted to include athletes who volunteer and race week volunteers in this year’s Aiello Inspiration Team and we look forward to reviewing the nominations,” said Beth Shluger, CEO of the Hartford Marathon Foundation and Race Director of the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon.
“It’s an honor to continue supporting the great tradition of the Aiello Inspiration Team and bring well-deserved attention to athletes and volunteers that make positive contributions to their communities, causes and charitable organizations,” said Michael Jezouit, President of Aiello Home Services.

The inspiration team was introduced in 2011.  Aiello Home Services signed on to support the Aiello Inspiration Team in 2013 to help recognize the many amazing personal journeys and experiences that compel individuals to take part in Hartford Marathon Foundation events.

The event has received national recognition for its commitment to providing all runners with exceptional services, including award-winning post-race food and top-notch entertainment.  Extensive efforts to offset the environmental impact of the event have earned the Eversource Hartford Marathon recertification at the Gold level by the Council for Responsible Sport.  A repeat recipient of recognition by the Road Runners Club of America, the Marathon has earned Regional Championship and National Championship status. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Join HMF Girl Squad!

The HMF Girl Squad has formed to bring women together to train, encourage and help each other as they prepare for the Eversource Hartford Marathon this fall.  It's FREE for women of all ages and abilities!! Register here today and then find the group on Facebook to join the conversation!

Top 10 Reasons to join the new Girls Squad:
·       Tried-and-tested girl advice.  Sports bras that don’t chafe. The perfect shoes (for running, rocking out or relaxing).  Shorts that don’t bunch. It’s near-certain that someone on the squad has been there, done it and can give you the lowdown.
·       All for one.  Like Bobby’s baseball team or Suzy’s swim club, joining the squad makes you part of shared fun.
·       De-stress time. Run it out together…job stress, needy kids, home projects, chores to do.  Leave it all behind for an hour (or two) without guilt.
·       Safety in numbers – Not sure about running a new trail solo or branching outside your route for more miles?  The squad will connect you with others to run with where and when you want.
·       Pacing for and with others.  Find joy in helping others along and find someone to help you reach new pace goals. 
·       Well-stocked runs.  Whether it’s non-greasy suntan lotion, the water bottle you left on the counter at home or a tampon - someone will have extra. (For some reason, guys never have the essentials)
·       Expand the network. Looking for a job? Need a weekend sitter?  Want recommendations for reliable house cleaning? Someone will probably know someone (who knows someone, who knows someone). Our loyalty runs deep.
·       Cheering squad.  More people to celebrate with you or help pick you up when this are getting you down.
·       Sweat, spit, pee in the woods.  None of us glisten, we’re all runners!!
·       Girls Rule. We share a collective pride in the ability to do it all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Red Dress Run with a team!

Run with friends? Have a lunch break walking crew?  Spend weekends active with the family?  We’re inviting women who walk or run together to join as teams at the July 9th Red Dress Run for Women, presented by UnitedHealthcare.

A festive celebration of women's health, the 3.1 mile run or walk starts and ends in the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden, fully in bloom on race day!  A non-competitive and supportive spirit highlights the popular women-only annual race.

All teams that register by June 24 have a chance to win FREE custom tutus in the color and size of each team members’ choice.  Or, the randomly selected winning teams can choose from three designs of custom headbands.

Just register in the "mother-daughter" or "open team" category to be eligible! We’re awarding one mother-daughter team and one open team.  Winners will be selected and notified by email on June 25.

We want to see your pictures too!!  Post your team pictures on race day to our Facebook or Instagram and we’ll show off your group to the HMF community.

Thanks for running with us and continuing to make the Red Dress Run such a special event each year!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Teaming up with Fleet Feet West Hartford to celebrate #GlobalRunningDay

Global Running Day is an annual initiative designed to encourage individuals of all ages and abilities to get active. Getting involved is easy, just take part in some type of running activity on June 1, 2016. Add you name to the list of runners from all over the world who are coming together to celebrate the sport by signing the pledge now!

All 4 Run

Not sure how to commemorate Global Running Day? Celebrate with the Hartford Marathon Foundation and Fleet Feet West Hartford at our All 4 Run event at Riverside Park in Hartford on June 1, from 5:00 - 7:00 pm! 

The All 4 Run Global Running Day celebration will feature fun runs (on the roads and on the trails), a special fun run just for the kids, refreshments, giveaways, and special promotions! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beer! It's not what's for breakfast (on Sundays)

Beer!  We love it just as much as you do - really, you should see our office fridge (Kidding...well, sort of).  As it turns out though, we may have inadvertently been doing the opposite of following the rules when it comes to beer at early Sunday races.

We don’t want you to be disappointed when beer is no longer part of celebrations at races we’ve traditionally raised our glasses at – including this Sunday’s Shamrock Duathlon and 3.3 mile run.  Ok, you can be a little disappointed, we get it – but please don’t take it out on us for being rule followers, albeit a little late to game on this one.  

It was brought to our attention that beer is not allowed to be served before 11:00 am on Sundays in the state of Connecticut.  So, we’re focusing on how to replace the cold post-race brew. It’s slightly impossible to do, but we’re making some serious effort here.  

This weekend, we’ve got Irish Stout Ice Cream Floats.  Look forward to refreshing root beer, Coke or cream soda with Irish stout flavored ice cream made especially for us by Shady Glen in Manchester.  If we can’t serve beer, we can try to mimic its deliciousness in a made-with-love cold treat.  What do you think, good idea?

The Women’s Triathlon and Surftown Half Marathon & 5K will also be affected by these silly little things called “laws”, blah.  But don’t worry, the Harpoon Beer Garden at the Eversource Hartford Marathon & Half Marathon is safe – no complaints about a Saturday race knowing if you’re 21+ with ID you get the beer afterward!
We’re open to ideas, how do you want us to replace the brew at the post-race party?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mystic Half Marathon opens for charity registration

We know that the strict course limits for the Mystic Half Marathon have frustrated runners who want in on this beautiful, sold-out race.  While we can’t do anything to change the number of runners allowed on the course, we can make sure every one of those spots is filled.

How do we have registration openings?
At each HMF event, a set number of registration spaces are reserved for race sponsors (allotted as part of their sponsorship) and community partners, such as the local training group.  This year, we have confirmed that some of these spaces will not be used.  We will open limited registration for charity starting Thursday, April 28, at 9:00 am, (register here).

What charity will benefit?
With a lot of inquiries and a limited number of spaces available, these spots will be at a premium to benefit a great cause – the future runners in CT communities!  In addition to benefitting the charitable works of the Mystic Rotary, as every race registration will do, these limited spaces will also benefit the HMF FitKids in School program. $20 of each $100 charity race registration fee will go directly to this initiative.

The HMF FitKids in School program is a non-profit provided free to schools and students across the state through the generous support of the Aetna Foundation, United Bank Connecticut and runner donations.
Who will get to register?
We’ve been telling runners to follow us on social media and check our Web site for updates if spaces become available.  We have to accommodate new registration on a first-come, first-served basis since we know we can’t get everyone in that has emailed, called or messaged us.  We’re giving you a day of advanced notice, tell your friends!  We don’t know how long the limited spaces will be open, so please act quickly.

Want in on the Triple Half Challenge?
If you ran the April 24 Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half Marathon but weren’t able to get in the Triple Half Challenge, you may still participate!  You must register for one of these limited spaces before charity registration closes and register for the October 8 Eversource Hartford Half Marathon.

How to register?
Just click here to register (opens 4/28 at 9 am), your tax deductible $20 donation to HMF FitKids in School will be processed within the Chronotrack registration process.

What about the 10K?
Please note, charity registration is available in the half marathon only at this time.  If registered 10K runners defer their registration, individual 10K spaces will automatically open with the additional $20 charity registration fee added to current registration pricing.  We have no control over the timing/availability of charity 10K registration)

Registered for the 10K and want to upgrade to the Half?
Registered 10K runners may upgrade to the Mystic Half by following the directions for making a Race Distance Transfer here.  You will pay the upgrade in fees and $10 transfer fee in addition to the $20 charity donation.