Thursday, February 16, 2017

O'Hartford Craft Brew Pub

Beer – so refreshing after a great run!  We’re kicking up our beer game at the O’Hartford this year with help from our friends at Small State Great Beer.

A new post-race experience, the O'Hartford Craft Brew Pub in Bushnell Park will feature four Connecticut breweries offering on-tap selections.  Huge IPA fan?  Love a dark beer?  You get to choose!  Each runner can select their free beer of choice included with registration, beer tickets also available for purchase on site by spectators/runners for $5 (21+ with ID only).

If you’re interested in a real taproom beer tasting experience, order a pass to the exclusive Flight Deck!  Choose four beers for sampling and take home the four commemorative 4 oz glasses and the custom-made beer paddle they’re served on.  The Flight Deck is a heated tent limited to 125 people only, order in advance to secure your spot, $20 each, available for purchase here.

Learn more about the brews and breweries making the first-ever O'Hartford Craft Brew Pub a post-race experience not to miss:

O’Hartford 5K & Wee Mile is all about the Irish party: beer - see above!  Festive music. Great food - race participants get authentic, delicious Irish Beef & Guinness Stew with vegetarian/Gluten-free Potato & Cheddar Soup option.

Hungry spectators can also nosh in the park, a selection of food truck vendors will be on site, including Frankie’s (hot dogs, fries, onion rings) and more!

Race start is 12:30 pm for the kids and 1:00 p.m for the 5K.  We’ll open the Craft Brew Pub at noon for those who want to carbo-load before the race.  It stays open until 2:30 pm.

Bring a friend – they’ll thank you!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

O'Shenanigans in Southington kicks off O'race challenges

We’re excited for March – not only because it signals the end of winter but because HMF will be back in full swing with four O’races, including a brand new one in Southington! There are also two challenges to choose from that will up your ante on bringing the big bling home.  In 8 short weeks, we’ll be ready to make your winter training worth every see-your-breath, don’t-feel-your-toes-until-mile 2 moment.  

Lucky Challenge medal
The NEW O’Shenanigans race in Southington and Cheshire won’t disappoint.  A serene flat and fast 5K along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail and surrounding roads will be topped off with a brewery party at the hip new Kinsmen Brewing Company.  Celebrate your finish with handcrafted beer, munchies and a sparkly medal.

Each O’race will feature different swag, with event medals that will join together to form a glittery green three-or four-leaf clover if you join the Trinity or Lucky Challenges, respectively.  Just register for your choice of O’races by February 27 and we’ll reward you with the magic middle piece to connect your clover medals together (provided at the last of your 3 or 4 races in Niantic or Hartford).  If you take the 4-race Lucky Challenge, you’ll also earn a custom series pint glass, pick it up in Hartford after the race.

Note - register for each event individually. 
Earn your first O’race medal and a festive and versatile seamless bandana, great for a face-warmer, neck gaiter, headband or hoorag. Get in on the inaugural race from Southington through Cheshire with a kickin’ post-race party at the brand new Kinsmen Brewing Company with food by Sauced.

The beautiful northeast corner of the state is the backdrop for the 2nd race in the series.  Earn a newly designed, signature Irish O’beanie hat and your second chance at a sparkly medal.  Enjoy a mouth-watering corned beef sandwich on a pretzel roll from Courthouse Bar & Grille – washed down with an ice cold brew.

Head down to this quaint shoreline community for another flat and fast course.  You’ll earn a pair of screaming Irish green knit running gloves and the third opportunity for a clover medal.  Note, if O’Niantic is your third and final race of the Trinity series, you’ll pick up the middle piece for your clover after the race. 

With start and finish in Bushnell Park, the biggest O’race is better than ever.  We’re in the works on creating a craft beer event post-race party to cap off the St. Paddy’s Day race festivities.  Earn the last of the glittery green medals and custom knit running socks covered in green shamrocks.  Pick up the middle piece for your clover after the race along with the custom Lucky Challenge pint glass (for those that ran all four O’races only).


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Need to know for HMF Challenges

We love to motivate our runners and sweetening the reward for reaching race goals.  With seven Challenges available in the 2017 schedule, we’re hoping everyone can find something that encourages them to further greatness.  
Check out the goods you’ll earn and please review details and requirements for each Challenge (subject to updates, so check back as those events get closer!).


You may participate in more than one HMF Challenge but you may NOT use one event for more than one Challenge (i.e. you can participate in Trinity Challenge and Half Marathon Fanatics, but you may not participate in Half Marathon Fanatics and Connecticut Double since both events end in the Eversource Hartford Half.

No event substitutions allowed. If you wish to participate in the Half Marathon Fanatics and upgrade to the Eversource Hartford Marathon in place of the Eversource Hartford Half Marathon, you may do so within registration.

Follow instruction on the Challenge page for registration requirements to guarantee your participation and swag. We cannot guarantee swag/rewards if you did not register properly.

If you participate in a Challenge event using a comp/free entry, please register and pay for the Challenge as directed and then contact with confirmed comp entry info to be refunded for the specified event.

If you participate in a Challenge event using a comp/free entry, you will be responsible to pay a portion of the swag fee (based on set criteria) i.e. pacers receiving free entry to Half Marathon Fanatics events are eligible to participate in the Challenge but will be charged a nominal fee to cover swag costs.

Medals/swag must be picked-up in the post-race area at the last event in the challenge (specified below).  If you do not pick up on race day, you may pick up in the HMF offices or you can opt to have it shipped for $8.  Please confirm pick up or shipping within 2 months.


O'race Trinity Challenge and Lucky Challenge 
An Irish-themed medal masterpiece, your 3 or 4 medals will link together to form the Challenge prize medal.  Plus, Lucky Challenge participants earn a custom pint glass to be picked up after O’Hartford on March 19. 

Half Marathon Fanatics – DEADLINE March 19 (or when a race sells out)
In addition to earning medals for each of the 4 half marathons and a series medal, Half Marathon Fanatics will also be rewarded with a high quality custom backpack for their running gear.  Medal and bag to be picked up in the Bling Ring after the Eversource Hartford Half Marathon on October 14.

Connecticut Double – DEADLINE April 30 (or when a race sells out)
You will be provided with a FREE training guide to help you train from the Mystic Half Marathon to complete 26.2 at the Eversource Hartford Marathon.  Participants earn medals and shirts for each event and a flashy series medal, to be picked up in the Bling Ring after the Eversource Hartford Marathon.

10K Challenge – DEADLINE May 3 (or when a race sells out)
After earning three unique medals in beautiful destinations around the state, participants will pick up their series medal in Old Wethersfield on August 27.

Progressive Challenge – DEADLINE June 14 (or when a race sells out)
Participants will get a FREE training plan to lead them from 5K to 10K to half marathon.  At the end of the quest, pick up a newly designed series medal in the Bling Ring at the Eversource Hartford Half Marathon on October 14.

Grand Slam Scramble Challenge – DEADLINE June 27
Add this newly designed huge series medal to your collection.  You’ll earn themed race swag at each event and then collect the big bling after the last Riverfront Scramble on August 24.

New England Double 
Register separately through each event page and add the option for the Double. Participants will pay a $20 series fee and earn a series medal and a high quality technical vest, to be picked up after the second race they complete.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Race planning for 2017

We are thrilled to open registration for the 2017 season with a brand new Web site and some twists to the race schedule.  Thanks for your patience and support as we worked on behind-the-scenes details (the many, many details!).

The site was a true labor of love, as everyone on staff poured over info on each area of expertise they manage.  While it’s a constant work in progress, it’s rewarding to share with you the progress that we’ve made.

We know there are a few questions still to be answered (like where the new O’Shenanigans race is going to be held!!).  We want to address why some details are still TBD and how the process works.  Promise we’re not trying to hold out to build suspense here…just like that fine wine (or maybe more like a stout beer, in this case), some things take a little more time.  

That really big detail we don’t skip to confirm a race date is the town permit, but just as important is the community support.  We want everyone to be on board when we bring a few hundred (or thousand) of our running buddies together for a group run and party. Businesses in the area, local churches, neighbors most significantly impacted, town officials, police and medical response crews – these folks are all crucial to welcoming you with open arms to take-over their roads.

We also have to make sure we have the staff resources and volunteers required; that the locations and distances offered across the full HMF schedule work together; that other events taking place are considered.   That’s just the top-tier check list to start working from, then we get into race swag, challenges and promotions and other considerations to help make the experience unique and interesting for participants.   

A new race takes special attention and we don’t want to release a date/location unless we are confident all of those factors line up to make it a go.  

So…where does that leave us with O’Shenanigans and the TBD new 5K on the calendar in June?  We really want to make them happen, things are looking really good – but we don’t want to jinx ourselves.  We may have Irish luck on our side, but until we get everything else on our side, we’ll have to leave you in suspense a little longer.

And, hang on to your hats for this one…we’re in talks for a new half marathon late in the fall too.  It’s a totally new great place to run with us.   We promise you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready to go!

Friday, December 2, 2016

HMF Frequent Miler sign-up deadline

If you haven't signed up yet for the 2016 HMF Frequent Miler rewards program, the deadline is Monday, December 5! Sign up here.

All registered Frequent Milers were sent an email Friday, 12/2, to the address they registered with.  You can check the status of your eligible 2016 races through your ChronoTrack account, details available here.  Note - we track your events through your email address so it must be consistent for all the events you ran in 2016*.

Bottom line, you get cool stuff for running with us!! Check out the details below and be ready to redeem rewards in early 2017.  We'll send you an update email once all eligibility is verified (expected in January).

Frequent Miler Program Rules & Details
You must enter your name and email exactly the same way on both the sign-up form and on all race entry forms to ensure points are captured correctly.

You must register for Frequent Miler program by December 5, 2016.

You must be a registered participant in at least five HMF events in 2016 to earn the points per mile.

Promotional race entries (giveaways or comp entries provided through HMF or HMF partners) do not count toward event or points per mile credit.  

The following races do not apply to the Frequent Miler Program: Zero Prostate, Mahoney Sabol, CT Race in the Park, Rentschler 5K, Achilles Hope & Possibility, Pumpkin Run, and Norwich Winterfest.

Points are based on RUN miles only. (so, a triathlon will count for the number of miles in the run portion only).

Points can only be used within the Frequent Miler Shop within the designated time, to be determined and provided to all participants in advance.  

Points may not be transferred.

*If you have previously unsubscribed from HMF emails we are unable to confirm your registration to the Frequent Miler program.  You must allow emails from us to get the details on the program or we can't reach you!!  

Friday, November 18, 2016

#runHartford photo contest winner

We had a great time re-living the 2016 Eversource Hartford Marathon through your photos and #runHartford posts!  We spend our race day focused on the details and logistics, seeing the event through runners’ perspectives is very rewarding.  

We are thrilled to share the great story of the randomly selected winner of the #runHartford photo contest.  Big congratulations to Beth-Ann Aversano!  She wins automatic 2017 HMF Frequent Miler status and will be running 5 events for free with us in 2017 (reminder to sign up for the 2016 program by December 5 to cash in on your own Frequent Miler rewards for 2016!).  

Check out Beth-Ann’s amazing race day experience in her words below.

Running the half marathon was a big deal that day.  Not only was it my VERY first half marathon but it was also my 45th Birthday! 

I have always been an athlete: rock climbing, cross fit, yoga and running short distances.  Then I found the love of distance. 

I joined the Run 169 Towns Society two years ago and started running more all around the state.  But I felt it was time to go farther.  Then, the Hartford Marathon Foundation schedule comes out and the Eversource Hartford Half is ON my Birthday!! It was a sign.  I registered for the Progressive Series and started to train.  I made a shirt to wear the day of the race, and my goal was to finish under 2 hours.

The morning of the race I was SO excited!  The people, the crowd, the coming together with thousands of runners to finish a goal!  I felt alive and so energized the whole race. As mile 11 came I was tired but as I passed each new person yelling "Happy Birthday" or "you got this”, I could only keep going! 

I saw on my watch that my goal time was achievable and I was going to finish under 2 hour.  Then...I came around the corner and the Arch was so large above me (I felt so tiny).  As I ran down under the Arch I heard nothing but cheering and the bells chiming and horns!  My throat knotted up, tears were inevitable at that point and it took all I could not to sob across the finish line with my mouth gaping open! 

I finished - I trained and finished.  I turned 45 and completed a goal I never thought I would do or love to do.  The people are what make this race!
My plan as I finished the half was to run the the full in Hartford and make it my first again.  I will be running the 2017 Eversource Hartford Marathon!