Monday, May 9, 2022

Official Charities of the 2022 Eversource Hartford Marathon


Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon Official Charities to Raise Funds and Awareness this Fall

More than $8.5 million has been raised for community causes through the event

May 9, 2022, Glastonbury – The Hartford Marathon Foundation proudly announces the 16 Official Charity partners of the 2022 Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon, Team 26.2 Relay and Charity 5K.  Through their participation in the premier annual fall event on October 8, 2022, Official Charities will benefit worthy causes in the community by rallying participants, supporters and volunteers to raise funds and awareness.

Official Charities support community and philanthropic initiatives across the region, offering an opportunity for individuals as well as companies to make their event participation have deeper meaning and greater positive impact. 2022 Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon Official Charities:

Achilles International-Connecticut Chapter
Healing Meals Community Project
Team M.A.D & Jordan Porco Foundation
Hospital for Special Care
Chrysalis Center
Circle of Care
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Donate Life Connecticut
For All Ages
Girl Scouts of Connecticut
Girls on the Run Greater Hartford
Operation Paws on the Ground
Ron Foley Foundation
Salvation Army
Susan G. Komen New England
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

Companies and organizations also have a variety of opportunities to engage in the event and support charity.  The unique HMF Community Partner Program provides companies with event visibility and employee engagement benefits while also directing a donation to an Official Charity of their choice.  

“Each year, we are inspired by our participants who make their race even more meaningful by supporting one of the worthy causes in our Official Charity program," said Beth Shluger, President and CEO of the Hartford Marathon Foundation.  "We are grateful for the continued support of Eversource to enable this valuable tradition, helping to empower community partners to keep up their incredible work in the community.”

More than $8.5 million has been raised for charity through the event since its inception in 1994. Last year’s Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon generated more than $326,000 for charity and $4.8 million in economic boost for the community with a scaled back production hosting 6,000 race participants.

The 2022 race calendar is available and registration is open at  For more details on the HMF Community Partner Program, contact

About the Hartford Marathon Foundation
A nonprofit organization founded in 1994, the Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) mission is to promote healthy living through fitness and physical activity for people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, gender identities, orientations and experience levels, and to use HMF events to support charity, sustainability, tourism and economic growth in communities. Located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, the Foundation organizes more than 30 annual races, including the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon and youth training programs. For more information, visit and follow on Facebook at HMF Events, Twitter at @runHMF and Instagram at HMF_Events.     

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Rocky Neck Relay course info from an insider

An active member of the running community and experienced local coach, Chaz Koch is providing his inside scoop on the new Rocky Neck Relay event. Chaz is also part of Operation Paws on the Ground, the event charity partner and a wonderful local cause to get to know!
By Bjturon - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,  
Tell us about the courses, what can we look forward to?
Rocky Neck State Park is built to hold relay and endurance style events and I could not think of a better way to highlight all the park has to offer than HMF’s Rocky Neck Relay. 
The main loop around the perimeter of the park and campgrounds is approximately 2.5 miles and offers every type of scenery you could ask for. The blend of road and trail routes is a unique quality, for every mile of road to enjoy there’s an equally beautiful, peaceful section of trail.   
The road loop is paved and well maintained. The trails offer twists and turns that keep you focused on your surroundings while traversing the landscape. Gentle rollers and ocean breeze set the scene for the countless species of wildlife you can encounter along the trails. 
By Carole J. Buckwalter - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
You’ll have the chance to cheer on teammates and other competitors from multiple spots on the course. Or you can take a break and go dip your toes in the water!
How does Operation Paws on the Ground benefit the local community and how can participants get involved?
On average in the US, 22 veterans commit suicide and over 1,800 dogs are euthanized daily. Both of those statistics are absolutely unnerving.
The mission of Operation Paws on the Ground (OPOG) is to help create healing bonds between veterans and rescues, ultimately saving one veteran, one dog and healing 2 hearts at a time. As a veteran and rescue parent, Operation Paws on the Ground speaks to me on a number of levels. I have experienced firsthand the healing and the bond that takes place between vets and dogs that have been through a trauma.
It costs approximately $3,000 for Operation Paws on the Ground to pair a veteran and rescue dog. We are asking teams to fundraise a minimum of $500 to help sponsor future pairings - for every 6 teams that meets the goal, we can bring another veteran and rescue together to help each other heal. 
On top of being part of that important journey, teams that fundraise $500 or more will receive a custom OPOG hoodie for each member.
Check back for video previews and more to come on the Rocky Neck Relay courses soon! Secure a spot for you or your team now at Rocky Neck Relay.


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

New non-binary division

To further our commitment and mission for HMF Events to be inclusive to all, we're happy to provide new registration options to better reflect the diverse individuals participating in races.  Starting with 2022 events, the option for non-binary or "prefer not to say" are within what has traditionally been offered as male or female categories.

All participants will continue to be included and displayed within overall results.  With the updated options, those selecting non-binary will also be viewable as a division with participants eligible for non-binary division awards.  Those that select "prefer not to say" will be included in overall results but not eligible for division awards.

Runner up in the non-binary division in Sunday's Resolution Run 5K, Jess Reed of Southington shared their thoughts on the experience:

Jess Reed, right

I think it's awesome that HMF now has a non-binary gender option when registering for races.  In the past - I've often felt that I've had to misgender myself when registering for a race, by only having male or female to choose from. For some people having to pick either male or female can cause dysphoria.  I think it's wonderful that HMF is being inclusive and is encouraging diversity.

At Sunday's race, there were two non-binary people who raced and were division winners, and I hope that number will continue to grow as more people see that there is a non-binary division being offered. 

We appreciate the feedback from our community to make this change happen and we welcome participants in the division in future events!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

New refund protection option during registration

The realm of the unexpected has been taken to a whole new level these past two years.  We’re constantly seeking new ways to keep our customers running happy while we balance the many variables of race planning and keeping our non-profit operations strong.

To provide participants with more options to help handle those curveballs in life, a new option for Refundable Registration Protection is available for 2022 events.  Available only for purchase at the point of event registration within the haku system, the protection will provide a 100% refund of entry fees if participants are unable to attend for a wide range of covered scenarios.

Those that do not opt to purchase the extra Refundable Registration Protection during registration will still have the ability to defer their race registration up to 14 days before an event and receive credit for use in a future race.  Transfers of bibs through the haku registration system from one participant to another person may also be done no later than one week before an event.  POLICY DETAILS

We hope providing many options will help our customers have more assurances about clicking the “Register Now” button in advance of race day.  Note that for all events, the earlier the better in terms of fees!  Check event site page details for any deadlines for things like shirt size selection or optional add-ons such as Mail My Packet for applicable events.

Registration is now open for the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon and Charity 5K on October 8, 2022.

Also, get in on the popular St. Patrick’s Day themed O’race 5K series, registration is open with special early pricing!  New registration options allow in-person or virtual participation for any of the four races, making it simpler to take on the 4-race Lucky Challenge and earn the flashy challenge finisher medal.

Check the 2022 race schedule to set some goals and learn more about updates and changes in store HERE 

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

2022 Race schedule is here!

Get those calendars out and plan some race goals for 2022! 

We are excited for the 2022 season to bring us back to a more predictable schedule.  We're ready to refocus on course updates, on supporting competitive spirit and inclusive race opportunities and on delivering the extras to make those events unforgettable. SCHEDULE


Of course, health and safety will continue to be top priority; it is and always has been fundamental to our race planning process.  Look for some updates on policies as well as expanded programs to help keep you motivated. 


Race registration will open on a rolling timeline, starting December 20 with the March St. Patrick's themed O'race 5K series opening December 20 along with the Eversource Hartford Marathon race events, scheduled for October 8, 2022. 


April and May events will open in mid-January, with the Middletown race remaining 10K and 5K distance and the Hartford HealthCare Mystic Half Marathon & 10K making a return to its traditional May weekend.  A unique new relay is also in the works for participants to enjoy trail and road miles with a team along the shoreline of Rocky Neck State Park in East Lyme.


June and July events, including the Saturday, June 4th running of the UConn Health Half Marathon, 10K and 5K, will be opening in February.  The L+M Hospital 10K and 5K will continue with the Summer Stride theme in mid-July and some updates are being made to the Thursday evening race in Hartford, now known as the Thirsty Thursday 5K at the Riverfront, presented by Stanley Black & Decker.


In August, we expect to bring back the epic 3-state RiMaConn Relay, presented by Webster Bank, with registration opening around Earth Day again.  We're also planning some additional opportunities connected to the Surftown Half Marathon, Relay & 5K, presented by Westerly Hospital.  Think beach weekend of running!


While the Niantic Bay Triathlon remains on the schedule, at this point the Women's Triathlon in Farmington is not scheduled to return in 2022.  Absent a title sponsor and suffering from low participation, it's simply not feasible to produce the event, unfortunately, but we remain open to future considerations.


Fall running in New England is always headlined with the Eversource Hartford Marathon, Half Marathon, Team 26.2 Relay and Charity 5K on the second Saturday in October.  A return to the West Hartford half marathon course is welcome news to local residents who want to cheer the throngs of runners through their neighborhoods and will help us accommodate more participants to return to finish under the Arch.


Another new event in the works, a point-to-point 10-mile race will explore the beautiful Norwottuck Trail from Amherst to Northampton.  Look for details and registration opening in summer 2022 for that one, followed by the cap off of the year in December with holiday running.


Thanks for sticking with us through this past 18 months, we truly appreciate you and can't wait to see you out there again soon!


Sunday, October 10, 2021

2021 Eversource Hartford Marathon course certifications

We take great pride in creating courses for our runners that capture the best of the local scenery and provide a safe race experience. This does not come without some serious and labor-intensive behind-the-scenes logistics though, course measurement is precise down to inches – yes, every single inch counts.  Moving a curb in the road 10 inches can affect the course (and actually has).

2021 Eversource Hartford Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K courses are all USA Track & Field Certified courses.  Courses are not measured by GPS, tape measure, surveying equipment, car, or by walking with a measuring wheel. All certified road race courses are measured by a standard bicycle fitted with a calibrated mechanical counter on the front wheel.  We hire a certified certifier (they really exist, we can’t make this stuff up!) who follows a 100-page manual of rules. 

GPS Measurements
We often get asked by participants why their GPS readings are not the same as course length.  Typically, the "short course prevention factor" throws off the measurement.  All USATF certified courses are required to include a 1/10th of 1 percent (one-thousandth percent) extra cushion to make sure no one runs less than the stated distance.  For a full marathon, that means 42.1925 extra meters or a little more than 135 feet. This is standard to every single certified course, so give yourself a little extra credit!  

When you train with a GPS, you stop when you hit the mileage you need for that run - whether 12 miles or 20, your GPS indicates when you need to stop.  When you run certified courses, especially courses with as many turns as the 2021 courses have, it is common for you to run further than 26.2 or 13.1.  Zig-zagging through people and running wide on turns by even a little adds up to tenths of miles here and there. Typically, only the people in the very front of the race are able to run the certified distance as they can see the straightest lines to run without people ahead of them (and don't need to weave through anyone).

You’ll note the language on course certificates confirms that measurements are taken “along the shortest possible route within the road and path pavement”.  Most people do not naturally run the tangents along roads, which is also how courses are measured longer on personal GPS devices.

Check the details on race pages: marathon // half marathon // 5K

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Inspiration Team highlights community activists for positive change

Always a cherished tradition of the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon, the Inspiration Team helps us tell amazing stories of some of the incredible people that run or volunteer with us each year.  For 2021, we're highlighting activists in the community that are working to further diversity, equity and inclusion efforts here in Connecticut.  Their actions are helping to make a positive difference and we're proud to honor them!

Eversource Hartford Marathon & Half Marathon Celebrates
Run United Theme through 2021 Inspiration Team

Team highlights participants furthering diversity and inclusion efforts in the community

Glastonbury, CT - The Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) has announced the honored participants chosen to represent the Run United theme of the 2021 Inspiration Team at the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon.  The nine members of the team each serve the community in various ways to further diversity, equity and inclusion efforts or support underrepresented populations. Team members are participants in the 5K, half marathon or marathon, or volunteer for the event, taking place Saturday, October 9, 2021.

“Highlighting exceptional participants through an Inspiration Team is a decade-long tradition of this event. This year, we wanted to take the opportunity to delve deeper in our HMF community to highlight some participants making a significant difference to help the underrepresented here in Connecticut,” said Beth Shluger, CEO of the Hartford Marathon Foundation and Race Director of the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon. “We are so excited to be able to celebrate our participants in person again this year and honored to bring attention to this inspiring group of individuals who dedicate so much effort to helping others.”

2021 Inspiration Team:
    Meghan Freed, Hartford, CT - 5K
    Toni Johnson, Bristol, CT - Half Marathon
    Kristen Marcroft, Hartford, CT - Marathon
    John Motley, Hamden, CT - Half Marathon
    Garrett Murray, New Britain, CT - Volunteer
    Helen Newman, North Granby, CT - Half Marathon
    Noemi Rodriguez, Wethersfield, CT - 5K
    Quyên Truong, Hartford, CT - Half Marathon
    Ana Valentin, Manchester - 5K

In conjunction with the Run United theme for 2021, HMF launched the Lace Up for Social Justice campaign last month to celebrate the diverse backgrounds and unique experiences of those that participate in its race events. With support from Pratt & Whitney to cover costs, 100% from the sale of $10 commemorative shoelaces will directly benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs.  

Adorned in a rainbow of colors reading "I RUN FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE", the shoelaces are on sale now through the HMF Shop, at upcoming HMF and Boys and Girls Clubs events and through registration for the Eversource Hartford Marathon.

Members of the 2021 Inspiration Team will be profiled within the Eversource Hartford Marathon Insider’s Guide and receive complimentary race registration, PRE Perks experience and custom event apparel, including a personalized race bib and a pair of shoelaces.  The inspiration team concept was developed by HMF in 2011.

Purchase laces, learn more about the Eversource Hartford Marathon events or register now at