Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HMF Staff Spotlight: John Bornhorst

Remember that water stop you so desperately needed to make it through the last mile?  Or the turn arrow that kept you on course?  More than likely, you have John Bornhorst to thank for that. As part of the HMF race operations team, John is one of the valuable staffers that help make it all work on race day.  Learn a little more about him, and say hi next time you catch him on race day!

John Bornhorst – HMF race operations team

Role on race day: 
Operations support, setting up every tent, sign, piece of fencing, water stops, mile markers, turn arrows, all the pieces that go together to make a race great.
How long you've been with HMF: 
Started volunteering in the fall of 2007 and became part of the staff in the spring of 2010.

What’s your running style: 
This year, I’m finally getting back on the road after a few years off thanks to the HMF 5K training group getting me up and running on Saturday mornings!  Slow and steady is my style, not a fast runner but love the feeling of getting in a good 5-6 miles to sweat the world away.

Favorite HMF race you've worked and why: 
Besides the Hartford Marathon, I love the different scramble races we run during the summer. It’s great to see everyone come out after work, have fun with a theme, and get to enjoy good music, food and a cold beer along the Riverfront.

All-time best race experience: 
Working the race for Sandy Hook was a memorable day. It was great to see 15,000 runners together for such a good cause.
Night before or race day prep ritual: 
For the really early set up times, making sure multiple alarms are set and coffee pot is programmed to start up early. I pride myself on never being late…

Most challenging race day moments: 
The weather, if it’s not the cold or too there is always the wind. But we always seem to make it work and overall we’ve been really lucky the last few years.

Most inspiring race day moments: 
Listening to Lt. Kevin McCarthy sing the national anthem at many of our events. He has an amazing voice.

What most people don’t know about to make an event successful: 
There is a lot of organized chaos.

Cooking, and baking during the holidays. I'm also a fan of birthdays and continuous surprises to make people’s days...

All time favorite food indulgence:
ANYTHING w/ dark chocolate, Wellfleet oysters, Maid-Rite hamburgers made in Greenville, OH

What makes you get up in the morning: 
The MORNING, I am truly a morning person and love to start the day...as I like to say to many “sleeping in is so over rated”

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Twitter Q&A, Friday - Injury Prevention and Recovery

Like most runners, I have been sidelined by injury and frustrated while waiting it out to heal.  Over the years, I’ve learned from many credible and talented partners of ours that healthy training and post-injury care are critical to staying on my feet.  We want to give you direct access to ask your injury-prevention and recovery questions to one such valued partner, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers (PTSMC). 

We’re excited to be joined in our #askHMF Twitter Q&A series this Friday by Kathryn Flodquist, PT, DPT, cert. MDT, CSCS.  Kathryn is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with PTSMC and also a USA Triathlon Level 1 coach.

As a physical therapist and triathlete herself, Kathryn is well equipped to answer your questions on common injuries like Plantar Fasciatis, Achilles tendonitis and ITB syndrome/knee pain and can offer healthy training tips.
“In over 15 years as a physical therapist and a triathlete I’ve learned a massive amount about how the body moves, how to make it move better, how to train and race, how to recover, how to eat and how to make it all fit in my life.  I welcome the opportunity to pass this knowledge on!” -Kathryn

Kathryn will join us from 1-2:00 pm on Friday, June 20, via @RunHMF, just send your questions to us using #askHMF.  Learn more about Kathryn and PTSMC below, we look forward to hearing from you Friday!

Kathryn Flodquist graduated from the University of Hartford in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy.  In 2011 she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Des Moines University.  Kathryn joined PTSMC in February 2007.  For more on Kathryn, please visit http://specializedmultisportcoaching.com/
PTSMC is an outpatient physical therapy company with 12 clinics throughout the state of Connecticut.  They worked hard to achieve a reputation as a leader in healthcare.  The practice offers physical therapy services specializing in musculoskeletal, orthopedic, and sports related injuries.  Therapists at PTSMC improve the quality of people's lives by providing unmatched patient experiences, clinical excellence and lifelong relationships.  PTSMC helps return patients to work, their athletics and the lifestyle they enjoyed prior to injury or surgery.  The physical therapists of the practice focus on individual needs of each patient and develop treatment programs that are the safest, most efficient routes to fast recovery.  More information can be found on http://www.ptsmc.com/

Monday, June 2, 2014

Apply for the 2014 Aiello Inspiration Team!

Calling on inspirational and motivational athletes to submit an application to be part of this year’s Aiello Inspiration Team at the NU Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon.  We love this tradition of giving well-deserved attention and great perks to athletes that make positive contributions to their communities or humbly serve as inspirations to others.

The group of athletes will represent the best examples from efforts across the running community to support health, charity, children and community initiatives. Candidate submissions must reflect the ways in which the runner has been positively linked to these initiatives or been an en
couraging role model.

Applications will be accepted from runners of any age or skill level participating in the October 11th  NU Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon.  Runners can nominate themselves or others who they feel represent inspiring qualities. 

We will provide Aiello Inspiration Team members with elite level benefits during race weekend including complimentary hotel stay, Pasta Supper tickets and marathon apparel.  Additionally, they will receive an Elite Runner Package (value $80) including limited access parking adjacent to the start/finish line, Mail My Packet service to receive bib and shirt in late September, pre-race massage service and exclusive access to private portalets (a most coveted perk!) and secure private lockers to store personal items.

Application forms are available on the NU Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon Registration Tab under Aiello Inspiration Team. Nominations will be accepted through June 30 and then a panel committee will review applications and winners will be notified in July.

The first inspiration team was introduced in 2011.  Aiello Home Services signed on to support the Aiello Inspiration Team last year to help recognize the many amazing personal journeys and experiences that compel runners to take part in Hartford Marathon Foundation events.