Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Meet Junior Team HMF 23/24

We want to mark this Giving Tuesday at HMF by sharing gratitude to the community for what you have already provided to help bring our non-profit mission to life.  A highlight for us is your support of the HMF Susie Beris, MD, Youth Running Program and being able to announce the new Junior Team HMF members for 23/24, please meet them below.

When it comes to giving, it’s the participants who give us inspiring reasons that bring purpose and meaning to what we strive to do every day. And, the partners that enable making the mission a reality with the support of volunteers who help see it all through.  Also, the many donors who further the positive impacts of our work, on behalf of charity organizations as well as our in-house youth programs.

Our ability to support free and low-cost opportunities for youth is powered by donations within the registration process or as one-time contributions and by grants.  A few highlights of what your giving has enabled so far in 2023 to help build a love of running among youth:

·       Over 1,000 students in grades 4-8 participated for free in the HMF FitKids in School program, training for 5 weeks and then supported with a Final Mile celebration

·       Uniforms are being provided through the High School Program to ensure local cross country and track athletes with limited means are able to feel pride and be recognized as a unified team among peers and competitors

·       Nearly 1,200 children aged 2-11 participated in low-cost HMF FitKids races at our events, providing opportunities to celebrate their efforts for achieving shorter distance goals

·       More than 1,500 youth participated in reduced price 5Ks and 10Ks on our schedule, a chance to run/walk and compete while enjoying an experience with friends or family

·       The second class of Junior Team HMF this week welcomes 25 members, many we will see on Sunday at the CLA Blue Back Mitten Run.  Please give them a high five!


Alyssa Behnke  //  Haddam Killingworth Middle School  //  7th

Hazel Cuomo  //  Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Middle School (Bloomfield)  //  6th

Emma Dean  //  Pearson School (Winsted)  //  6th

Siri Denni  //  Martin Kellogg Middle School (Newington)  //  8th

Ava DiBella-Mills  //  WAMOGO Middle School (Litchfield)  //  7th

Tucker Ferretti  //  John Winthrop Middle School (Deep River)  //  8th

Faye Fischer  //  Amity Middle School (Bethany)  //  7th

Julia Fletcher  //  St. John Paul The Great Academy (Torrington)  //  6th

Deacon Gascon  //  Tolland Middle School  //  8th

Nate Glidden  //  Tolland Middle School  //  8th

Natalie House  //  Sage Park Middle School (Windsor)  //  7th

Sydney LeBlanc  //  Smith Middle School (Glastonbury)  //  7th

Caitlin Leska  //  Dodd Middle School (Cheshire)  //  8th

Lyla Lopez  //  John Winthrop Middle School (Deep River)  //  7th

Emily Lund  //  William J. Johnston Middle School (Colchester)  //  6th

Brennan McAvoy  //  Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School (MA)  //  8th

Tatum Milanese  //  Torrington Middle School  //  7th

Cormac Neely  //  Suffield Middle School  //  7th

Payton Oler  //  Homeschool (North Granby)  //  6th

Stephen Quealy  //  East Hampton Middle School  //  6th

Nathan Settevendemie  //  Mabelle B. Avery Middle School (Somers)  //  7th

Ivan Shapiro  //  Tolland Middle School  //  6th

Mia Shea  //  Sage Park Middle School (Windsor)  //  7th

Violet Spooner  //  Tantasqua Regional Junior High School (Fiskdale, MA)  //  8th

Colton Strong  //  Horace W. Porter School (Columbia)  //  6th

Iain Verbickas  //  Torrington Middle School  //  8th



Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We appreciate your continued support and hope you have a blessed holiday season.


Donations can be made to support HMF youth running programs at any time through the year HERE

Members of Junior Team HMF 2022/2023