Thursday, April 29, 2021

Triathlon registration is open!

After a year away from producing the Niantic Bay Triathlon and the Women's Triathlon, we are so ready to get back to it this summer!  As with all of our 2021 race planning efforts, a ton of attention to detail is being paid to public safety.  Triathlons are innately complex events with a balance of timing, traffic flows and lots of measures to make them smooth and safe for participants, volunteers and spectators in a typical year.  This year, expect the return of those efforts with the added level of COVID-19 mitigation strategies to spread out participants and reduce contact points.

Those necessary efforts will force us to reduce capacity, which directly impacts the budget to produce both of the triathlon events.  This doesn't mean services will be skimped on or swag will disappear, we remain committed to provide the high quality experience you have come to expect from HMF.  It will, however, prevent us from providing any group or specialty discounts or extending deep discounted registration-opening prices. Late registration will come at a premium so register early to secure your spot in the limited field. 


We are hopeful as the weeks and months move on, a sense of normalcy will settle back in and that race planning can again inspire big goals to achieve. Quiet weekends at home give way to squeezing in days of double training time around work travel obligations or the packed schedules of busy families once again.  The way it should be.


Register now or learn more about the Niantic Bay Triathlon (August 8), Women's Triathlon in Farmington (September 11) and the calendar of HMF Events at