Thursday, July 25, 2013

HMF Staff Spotlight: Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson came to HMF just over a year ago after working in the architectural world for several years. Matt brings a wonderful sense of tranquility to the organization. He is calm, never seems to lose his cool and is really, really funny. Our team is better because Matt is on it.

Matt wears a lot of hats at HMF! He handles everything from local and state permits to course layout and design, he organizes the warehouse of supplies, washes the HMF trailer, orders event’s a long list. In a nutshell, Matt helps ensure everything runs smoothly on race day and that everything is properly equipped, looks presentable and functions appropriately.

More about Matt:

Favorite HMF race you've worked:
The ING Hartford Marathon. It's just amazing to see what months of coordination and planning can create. It's a thing of beauty. 

All-time best race experiences:
Participating in the Manchester Road Race is a tradition like nothing else. I look forward to it all year. And working at the starting line of the ING Hartford Marathon- it gives me chills to stand in front of thousands of runners who are all ready to begin one of the biggest race of their lives.

Most challenging race day moments:
Getting a rooster out of the chute at the Women's Triathlon. That guy really loved the spot light. 

Oddest thing on your race day check list:
Toilet Paper 

What most people don't know about to make an event successful:
Communication. At every race there are always a lot of balls in the air, and it's crucial that everyone from the race staff to the volunteers are on the same page to ensure a successful event. 

Favorite post-workout snack:
Snickers bar and a Gatorade

All-time favorite food indulgence:
This simple focaccia bread I had during my honeymoon in Italy. I dream about it sometimes.

What makes you get up in the morning:
My dog Finn, he's like clockwork. 

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