Monday, July 21, 2014

Team HMF members in Runner's World Cover Contest

We’re not surprised one bit to be seeing our amazing Team HMF runners Kimberly Markey and Katie Edwards among the leaders of the Runner’s World Cover Contest.   They each embody the best of what rock star runners can be – inspiring others by running with passion, living to the fullest and encouraging those around them. Learn a little more about them below and support them in this journey by casting a vote daily.  The contest ends 8/26/14.

Kimberly Markey – vote HERE
Describe Yourself in One Word: STRONG

Why Is Running Important To You?
Running has become my release and therapy. I pass on my love of running by volunteering for the Hartford Marathon Foundation coaching run/walk/run first-time marathoners. I now know running is NOT only about the bling it’s much, much more. Running has taken a 36-year old woman who was trying to survive not having a nervous breakdown to a 42-year-old SURVIVOR. Running got me through business lawsuits, personal bankruptcy and most recently breast cancer. I now know I can survive anything and I can do whatever the heck I want to do because I run. It’s that simple.


Katie Edwards - vote HERE
Describe Yourself in One Word: PERSEVERANCE

Why Is Running Important To You?
I was 25, 8 months pregnant, a 13 month old at home and a melanoma diagnoses. After an induced premature delivery and surgery one week later, I learned life waits for no one. Now I have big goals and am determined to make them happen. I know that the seemingly impossible IS possible. My life flows when I am running and working hard. Running gives back what I put in - strength, determination, belief in myself - and allows me to share that with those around me. I LOVE seeing people discover themselves in running.

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