Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Charity Challenge with "Marathon Junkie" Chuck Engle

While the Hartford Marathon Foundation itself is a 501c3 non-profit, the events we produce facilitate millions of dollars in charity donations through the efforts of our rock-star participants. At the NU Hartford Marathon & Half Marathon this year, we are proudly partnering with 25 Official Charities.  Each of these partners is valuable to our communities and we encourage you to support their efforts by running on their teams, donating or supporting the causes.  

And, this year's Chuck Engle Charity Challenge gives everyone another way to support Level One charities!

This friendly competition provides opportunity to have “Marathon Junkie” Chuck Engle fundraise for a charity team on race day.  Famed (and super fast!) marathon runner Chuck Engle will be placed at the very back of the pack on race day.  For every marathon runner he passes on the course, $1 will be donated to the Charity Challenge winner.  With 3,000 marathon participants and Chuck's sub-3:00 finishing time, he'll be pulling in a pretty penny for charity on October 11!

Each weekday from September 10-26, one charity will have their chance to collect entries via their own Charity Challenge Day.  We will announce the charity of the day in the morning and share a link to their Charity Challenge Day page, but it will only be active for that one day until 11:59 pm.  Supporters simply have to enter the Charity Challenge contest via Facebook and/or Twitter, one entry per platform, per person, per day.  You don’t have to be affiliated with the charity to enter and are welcome to support more than one charity in the Challenge.  Each charity's entries will be tallied and Chuck will run for the charity with the most entries!

The fine print details:
Entries will be submitted through the Rafflecopter app. Participants in the contest must like HMF Events on Facebook or follow @runHMF on Twitter to enter, no other entry requirements.  Submission data will only be used for the purpose of tallying votes.  Official rules will be posted on the app page.


  1. I am glad to know that you organize social events that facilitate millions of dollars in charity donations. I would love to work with such an event planning team that is truly dedicated to social work.

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