Friday, October 17, 2014

In case you missed it….

Now that we’re all fully rested up from last weekend, we’ve been able to reflect on the many special moments of the NU Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon.  It’s an honor for us to hear about your PRs, goals attained and memories made.  We love seeing your pictures and hearing the appreciation for all of the volunteers, without them last week’s events wouldn’t be possible.

There were a few exceptionally special moments for us that we wanted to share here, just in case you missed it.

Directing thousands of cheering middle school students into waves to run the “Final Mile Event” of the HMF FitKids in School Program was really a lot like herding cats – take a moment on the visual there.  But truly, it was amazing to really see the faces of these kids as they took off at the start and the celebrations when they crossed the finish.  Whether we’re helping them to consider running as a lifelong passion or simply giving them a goal and the support to reach it, this was a good day.  Could not be better said than this:

All that hard work paid off,” said Kevin Cloutier, student runner from Two Rivers Magnet Middle School.

Last Thursday night, the first-ever Girls Night event was above and beyond what we hoped for! Truly powerful stories were shared from incredible women, but in casual, comfortable conversation that felt like being among friends.  The positive energy and feeling of camaraderie and inspiration filled the room.  We were able to take away powerful words to keep us motivated – a few snippets

"You always can do more than you ever imagined, but you have to take the first step" 
-Kathrine Switzer, marathon woman and author

Running is simply a metaphor for everything great that exists within us” 
-Molly Barker, Girls on the Run founder

"In every single exhale, let go of the negativity" 
–Colleen Alexander, athlete and survivor

So we came off this great night feeling moved by the power and strength of women.  But in an emotional mile I will never forget, crossing the finish line on Friday night may be the single moment that most impacted me from race weekend.  My friend and fellow runner Marj Sasiela is under hospice care.  Just two years ago, Marj finished 2nd in her 70-74 age group of the Hartford 5K.  On Friday night, she pushed through that mile, never submitting to the wheelchair that her son Rick pushed next to her - she walked and ran her way through downtown Hartford.  Her story was captured by the Hartford Courant’s longtime running reporter Lori Riley – see story here: She Refuses to Let Cancer Stop Her

All this happened before Saturday morning.

The whirlwind that is race day produces some pretty amazing moments.  A few that we caught Saturday are captured in photos below. Thank you all for making the 21st running of the NU Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon another one to remember.  We’ll see you out there again soon.

Team HMF member Kimberly Markey talks with
NBC Connecticut before the race.
Kimberly raced all through the year while receiving
chemo treatments, the NU Hartford Marathon was her first
26.2 since finishing treatments.

Aiello Inspiration Team member Carlos Quiles wins the NU Hartford Half Marathon
disabled division with a time of 1:13:20.

Javiar Hernandez of Norwalk, CT, celebrates
after his marathon finish.

L-R US Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Sanders, Staff Sergeant John McNally, Staff Sergeant Derick Peirce and
Staff Sergeant Brandon Howland were provided 5K registrations by Bank of America, sponsors of the new
Freedom Point hospitality venue.

Little runners stretching out before their 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile or mile races
as part of the HMF FitKids program on race day.


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