Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Join HMF Girl Squad!

The HMF Girl Squad has formed to bring women together to train, encourage and help each other as they prepare for the Eversource Hartford Marathon this fall.  It's FREE for women of all ages and abilities!! Sign up here today and then find the group on Facebook to join the conversation!

Top 10 Reasons to join the new Girls Squad:
·       Tried-and-tested girl advice.  Sports bras that don’t chafe. The perfect shoes (for running, rocking out or relaxing).  Shorts that don’t bunch. It’s near-certain that someone on the squad has been there, done it and can give you the lowdown.
·       All for one.  Like Bobby’s baseball team or Suzy’s swim club, joining the squad makes you part of shared fun.
·       De-stress time. Run it out together…job stress, needy kids, home projects, chores to do.  Leave it all behind for an hour (or two) without guilt.
·       Safety in numbers – Not sure about running a new trail solo or branching outside your route for more miles?  The squad will connect you with others to run with where and when you want.
·       Pacing for and with others.  Find joy in helping others along and find someone to help you reach new pace goals. 
·       Well-stocked runs.  Whether it’s non-greasy suntan lotion, the water bottle you left on the counter at home or a tampon - someone will have extra. (For some reason, guys never have the essentials)
·       Expand the network. Looking for a job? Need a weekend sitter?  Want recommendations for reliable house cleaning? Someone will probably know someone (who knows someone, who knows someone). Our loyalty runs deep.
·       Cheering squad.  More people to celebrate with you or help pick you up when this are getting you down.
·       Sweat, spit, pee in the woods.  None of us glisten, we’re all runners!!
·       Girls Rule. We share a collective pride in the ability to do it all.

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