Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Race planning for 2017

We are thrilled to open registration for the 2017 season with a brand new Web site and some twists to the race schedule.  Thanks for your patience and support as we worked on behind-the-scenes details (the many, many details!).

The site was a true labor of love, as everyone on staff poured over info on each area of expertise they manage.  While it’s a constant work in progress, it’s rewarding to share with you the progress that we’ve made.

We know there are a few questions still to be answered (like where the new O’Shenanigans race is going to be held!!).  We want to address why some details are still TBD and how the process works.  Promise we’re not trying to hold out to build suspense here…just like that fine wine (or maybe more like a stout beer, in this case), some things take a little more time.  

That really big detail we don’t skip to confirm a race date is the town permit, but just as important is the community support.  We want everyone to be on board when we bring a few hundred (or thousand) of our running buddies together for a group run and party. Businesses in the area, local churches, neighbors most significantly impacted, town officials, police and medical response crews – these folks are all crucial to welcoming you with open arms to take-over their roads.

We also have to make sure we have the staff resources and volunteers required; that the locations and distances offered across the full HMF schedule work together; that other events taking place are considered.   That’s just the top-tier check list to start working from, then we get into race swag, challenges and promotions and other considerations to help make the experience unique and interesting for participants.   

A new race takes special attention and we don’t want to release a date/location unless we are confident all of those factors line up to make it a go.  

So…where does that leave us with O’Shenanigans and the TBD new 5K on the calendar in June?  We really want to make them happen, things are looking really good – but we don’t want to jinx ourselves.  We may have Irish luck on our side, but until we get everything else on our side, we’ll have to leave you in suspense a little longer.

And, hang on to your hats for this one…we’re in talks for a new half marathon late in the fall too.  It’s a totally new great place to run with us.   We promise you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready to go!

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