Friday, May 12, 2017

Trails ’N Ales training series

New to trail running? Join us for the “Trails ’N Ales" training series hosted with our partners at soundRUNNER.  Learn the basics of trail running technique and all about trail shoes, and take a guided run around Gay City State Park to get a feel for the Summer Solstice Trail Run 5.5 mile race course (June 18 race).  The series runs May 23, 30 and June 6, 13 - it’s free but you must reserve your space by signing up here.  Shoe demos and ales provided by On Running and Altra Zero Drop.

Learn more about the benefits and joys of trail running from soundRUNNER:

Trail running is a common getaway for runners who don't want to deal with the usual inconveniences of the road, whether it's the traffic, the noise, the straight lines, or the specific view of turns ahead on the road that taunt you. Whatever your reasons, you can find mental and often physical salvation on the miles and miles of trails that this fine state has to offer.

There are some benefits of trail running that may also help save your summer goals from being sidelined by injury.  The trails require runners to watch every step through the varying the terrain, helping runners avoid many of the overuse issues that can happen with road running.  Changing the running surface to something a little softer can take away some problems associated with constant runs on the cambered road, which is a very common cause of hip problems. Runners also get the chance to strengthen tertiary muscles that help you balance and increase running efficiency. 

Another benefit to trail running is in what you’re breathing. The air quality on trails is almost always going to be better since you aren't dealing with exhaust fumes of passing cars or the rising heat and other gasses from the pavement itself. Especially in the summer, when the extra pavement radiation adds a good 10 degrees to the air around you. If you're a trail in an area with rivers or a reservoir, you will even get the occasionally refreshing patch of really chilled air, which just feels fantastic!

Trails are also good practice with hills, since you're dealing with natural uphills, rather than the more gradual, longer hills of a paved road. They are enough to get the leg muscles working, but not so arduously long to make you miserable like a road hill.  After some time on the trails, no road terrain will intimidate you! 

Whether training for a road race, or just trying to stay healthy, trail running at least once a week will be sure to help break up the monotony of constant road running.


  1. Just because I'm volunteering for the race doesn't mean I can't run it on the Trails 'N Ales nights :-). Should be fun!

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