Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Be Nice.

No doubt, the running community is passionate.  We push ourselves to reach goals, we feel elation and frustration along the path to attaining those goals.  And, we are emotional.  Sometimes that emotion brings out the very best in us, and other times, not so much.

It’s been a tough few days following an amazing, positive and great race for the HMF community on Sunday morning.  We were made aware of an incident of banditing the race and quickly addressed the severity of that act – the intent was to be very clear that we do not accept, condone or allow the behavior.  

We chose to make this situation a reminder of the severity of the issue, not to pinpoint any one person or organization. We believe strongly that we can all always do better, and we have certainly made our own mistakes that we learn and grow from. 

It’s important that we hear from you, the runners at the heart of this community.  We value your feedback and we listen to your conversations to help us do better.  It is with this principle that we allowed open conversation about the incident on our pages.  We felt confident that as adults that have a common bond of being runners, differing opinions could be shared, points made, concerns flagged, and questions answered.  

I want to make it clear right now, we do not support any communication intended to personally damage or insult each other.  The court of public opinion weighed particularly heavy in this week’s conversation, and while we encourage continued active voices, we have one simple message to reiterate:  Be nice.

It’s ok not to agree, it’s ok to show disappointment, it’s even ok to be angry. It is just not ok to be mean-spirited.  We lift each other up in so many ways throughout training, racing and celebrating our goals, let’s please remember to be nice when we hit those emotional moments that can so easily but unnecessarily escalate.

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