Thursday, September 28, 2017

A little extra hospitality for military on race day

We’re always looking for ways to provide extra perks and benefits to race participants.  With Bank of America’s commitment to those who serve in the military, it was a natural fit to create a race day military hospitality venue with their support.  Freedom Point, presented by Bank of America, is a pre-race and post-race space to provide a little extra TLC to all active duty military, Reserve, National Guard and veterans and their families (military I.D. must be shown at entrance).

This year, two special employees will be representing Bank of America at the Eversource Hartford Marathon and the Charity 5K - Jason Arndt served six years in the Marine Reserves, and Ashley Lorenz spent 11 years in active duty in the Navy, ending her service this past winter. 

Connecticut is Ashley’s new home after being stationed overseas, she is excited to participate on race day as a way to learn more about the community. She’s appreciated the support of her colleagues (and is a little surprised that her dog hasn’t been a better training partner!).  She’ll be running the 5K with ambitions to take on the Eversource Hartford Half Marathon next year.

For Jason, the 26.2 marathon challenge will be his first.  Learn more from him below about his experiences training – both mental and physical.  

Please join us in thanking them and those who do or have served our country.

Jason Arndt

One of the toughest parts of this kind of feat is maintaining the long term vision and discipline - it takes months of conditioning to get your body prepared. Having this opportunity with Bank of America provides an additional layer of motivation and accountability, so that I know I need to maintain focus and not slack off.

I’ve always enjoyed things that are physically and mentally challenging. That was one of the reasons I chose to join the Marine Corps, I felt that was going to be the biggest challenge. When setting this kind of goal, it is extremely self-rewarding to overcome the challenges involved and I like that kind of self accomplishment.

It probably sounds cliché, but I really believe anything you put your mind to, you can accomplish, especially when it comes to endurance. Every challenge you face, every goal you set and overcome, builds mental toughness and prepares you for future challenges. Life isn’t always easy, being able to face adversity and overcome those challenges is a contributing factor to success. One of the things I draw upon when training for the Eversource Hartford Marathon is previous races or feats that I’ve accomplished - when your body wants to quit but you have to keep pushing through. Those experiences have prepared me for this race and the training that I’m doing.

Training has been a challenge in and of itself. Trying to find time to go for a 2 or 3 hour run when you have work and kids is not easy. I have been following a training schedule, and for the first time this past weekend I felt like I was finally getting stronger. I had to run 19 miles, and it wasn’t until about mile 16 that I finally started to feel the aches and pains. With only a few weeks left until the Marathon, that is certainly encouraging and hopefully puts me in position to hit my goal of 4 hours!


  1. Thank you for all you have done protecting or country and freedoms, and good luck on your races!

  2. I would like to thank every single individual that has served and protected our country and freedoms.
    Also, to thank the families that have been instrumental to those serving. Your support and sacrifices should be acknowledged and appreciated.
    Lastly, I would like to thank my husband, Michael Kaman, who continues to serve in the Connecticut National Guard after 19 years of service. He has always supported me as a marathon runner. He is my number one fan! <3.