Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New course hydration at 2018 half marathons

We’ve said it before and you’ll hear us say it again and again – proper hydration is vital for performance. 

Providing runner support on our courses is a responsibility we take very seriously. Every event distance page has a course amenities section that outlines exactly where and what that support entails.  We are pretty excited to be updating these hydration offerings for all of our 2018 half marathons, including this weekend’s MysticHalf Marathon & 10K.

Expect to see nuun electrolytes this Sunday in Mystic.  Fluid Locations will offer water & nuun electrolytes lemon+lime flavor in the following spots along the course:
  • Pre/Post Race
  • Mile 1.8
  • Mile 4.2
  • Mile 5.7
  • Mile 7.5
  • Mile 8.9
  • Mile 10.8
  • Mile 12.6

Sample nuun electrolytes flavors post-race in Mystic.
You’ll see the nuun team after you cross the Mystic finish line too.  Grab a sample packet and try other flavors or talk to their crew in the post-race area to get any questions answered and learn about the products. 

We’ll update our amenities listings for upcoming half marathons with details on the course offering, but expect to see nuun performance on course at the Eversource Hartford Marathon too.

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