Monday, August 6, 2018

Women's Triathlon Update

9/8/18 UPDATE - We are THRILLED to announce that an anonymous donor pledged support on race day to keep this event going for the next three years!  Thank you all for your enthusiasm and dedication to this wonderful event!  We're still seeking partners to help ensure a long and strong future for the event so please contact us with any additional ideas!

The Women’s Triathlon has been a cherished tradition for us to produce for the past 12 years. The event truly has a unique vibe that inspires many women to push their own limits and achieve new goals for themselves in a supportive environment. We know some of you have been involved for years and we appreciate your participation and volunteerism to make this event happen.

To be completely clear – we would be thrilled to continue to produce this event for years to come. We announced earlier this year that the 2018 Women’s Triathlon would be the last and if all things remain unchanged, it will be. Losing a title sponsor was a major financial blow to a race that has seen continued dwindling participation year-to-year. Maybe it’s the sheer volume of triathlon opportunities available or that many past participants see the event as a bucket list item to check off and move on from – but participant numbers are crucial to maintain a race.

All of our best intentions and everyone’s love for this race does not pay the bills to produce it – more than anyone, we wish it wasn’t that way. But YOU can be part of the solution to keep this race going!!

Step 1) Participate!!! Register now! Get a relay team together if you’re not up for a solo race. Do the Aquabike if you’re sidelined from running right now.

Step 2) Spread the word! Tell everyone about your experience and why this race is meaningful to you. Encourage them to participate.

Step 3) Share business ideas! Do you work for a company that supports women’s health or is interested in marketing to women athletes? Own a small business that wants to be involved in a community event? Know of a company that would be a perfect fit to get involved in the post-race party? Sponsorship comes in all different ways and we know this event would make a great community piece for so many companies – help us find new supporters!

Please share here.

We do hope there can be some kind of future for this race, but the costs have to be covered somewhere. Beyond the obvious costs of safety/security, participant amenities and services, Winding Trails Camper Fund donation and medals, shirts etc. we also have a significant amount of professional staff required to safely produce a triathlon.

Anytime we make the difficult decision to take a race off the schedule, we first look for all other options and assess opportunities to maintain it. We welcome you to join us in these efforts in one way or another and appreciate your support of this great event.

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