Monday, June 24, 2013

Joe's Tips - Running in Hot Weather

Fitness Expert Joe Carabase, founder of "The m.e.l.t. Workout," will be joining us regularly to share his expertise on nutrition, exercise and strength training.  First up, Joe shares some insight on preparing for and refueling after summer exercise.
  • WATER up! The body will be working on overdrive with the heat, do not risk dehydration. Drink .75 x your bodyweight in oz.'s of water the days leading up to the event and .35 x your bodyweight in oz. the morning before.
  • Carb up the day before and morning of: Add 1/2 plate of a complex carbohydrate to each meal; potatoes, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, any dense wheat or sprout bread, brown rice are great options.
  • Buddy Up! Excessive heat can lead to dizziness and impair decision making, having a buddy is an additional way to hold each other accountable to staying safe!
  • Listen to Your Body: At the end of the day, it's just a race. Do your best and be extra cautious of any symptoms of heat exhaustion; light headedness, dizziness, nauseous, abnormal fluctuation of body temperature, lack of sweating and/or excessive sweating, bad headache, muscle weakness or cramping, rapid heart rate, confusion or disorientation, loss of balance and body control, red and dry skin, rapid or shallow breathing. Seek immediate help if any of these symptoms arise and be on the lookout for your buddy (and others) if you see anyone drop to the ground. These symptoms can quickly escalate into a heat stroke, potential brain damage and even death.
  • Run with an electrolyte gel packet or something you can easily consume half way through the race. Always consume with water!
  • Refuel post race: Enjoy a quick fast acting carbohydrate such as a piece of fruit or Gatorade immediately post race then a meal with 1/2 - 3/4 plate complex carbohydrate and 1/4-1/2 plate lean protein.

Joe Carabase, CPPS & Nutrition Specialist
Fat Loss & Strength Coach, Speaker & Author
Founder of The m.e.l.t. Workout

Joe is known nationwide for blow torching fat off people of all fitness levels in his action pack workouts recognized by USA Today as "World's Fitness Elite."

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