Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HMF Staff Spotlight: Josh Miller

All those kudos thrown my way for how well organized our races are? They all belong in Josh Miller’s lap. Josh is obsessed with detail and that is a good thing in our business. Between his passion for the sport and his attention to detail in his job, Josh is a dream come true at HMF. Oh yeah, he is also a really funny guy who never gets rattled.

Josh has been with the Foundation for over 7 years and has become an integral part of the HMF family. Josh’s current position is Technical Director- what does that mean exactly? Let’s just say he does A LOT! His main priorities are designing and implementing race plans to ensure the running and multi-sport events run as smooth as possible.

Role on race day – Overseeing venue and course set up, and race plan implementation.

More about Josh:

Are you a runner:
Retired middle distance track athlete, now I just try and get lost in the woods.

Favorite HMF race you've worked and why:
ING Hartford Marathon 2012; the stars were aligned, it was beautiful event.

Matt Anderson, Amby Burfoot and Josh Miller
All-time best race experiences:
Legends Run 2013 – Hanging out with Bill Rodgers and Amby Burfoot was a childhood dream come true.

Night before or race day prep ritual:
I always shower the morning before I race.

Most challenging race day moments:
Medical incidents – even with our well-developed medical plans, it is a scary sight to see one of your athletes in medical need.

Most inspiring race day moments:
Seeing people complete their dreams. The energy at the finish line of a race is contagious.

Oddest thing on your race day check list:
Do the Portalets have enough TP?

What most people don’t know about to make an event successful:
How much planning and thinking goes into every little detail… Should the race start at 8 AM, should the Portalets go here, vendors there etc.

If money were no object, what would be your ideal vacation:
A long back packing trip to Patagonia.

Running, mountain biking, hiking

Favorite post-workout snack:
A good IPA

All time favorite food indulgence:
Chips & Salsa

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