Monday, January 27, 2014

An Ode to the 2013 Hartford Marathon

HMF's Collar Crew are the folks who work year round on the marathon to make it into the world-class event that it has become - we truly couldn't do it without them. Our annual Collar Crew party was last Friday at the Thomas Hooker Brewery. Each year, one of our Collar Crew members, Rick Tillotson, writes a poem and we wanted to share it with everyone this year, as it carries special meaning for us all.

Hartford Marathon 2013
by Rick Tillotson

It’s a tougher year to celebrate the event we just performed,
Knowing that another event ended with so many people harmed,
One day in April the world saw what we already understood,
That it is a lot easier to do evil to this world than it is to do it any good.

But with sails aloft and eyes opened wide, we positioned for the wind,
We knew that to hold back was really to give in,
Take precautions we had to do, more tasks must be done,
But in our hearts we always knew the race must be run.

And run it was, more hearts than ever pounded together as one,
And tears of joy were seen being shed and glistening in the sun,
So here’s to us and those we serve, I’m proud of what we’re worth,
You all are what is best of humankind here on earth.

Anyone interested in joining our Collar Crew - please send us a message on Facebook! We're always looking for great people to join us.

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