Friday, January 10, 2014

Wintertime Training Programs

Cold weather. Short days. Snow. Ice. Treadmills (aka dreadmills). Crowded gyms.

Wintertime is full of excuses for us to skip workouts, and sometimes they get the best of us all. Has the winter forced you or someone you run with into a slump? Have you become a USTA?

usta [use-tuh]
1. The act of having done something in the past.
I usta be a runner. I usta be in shape. I usta love races.
1. Someone who used to be in shape, love races and run regularly.
I haven’t run since the summer. I’m a usta.

We want to help you and your (former) running buddies get your mojo back. We find the winter months can be a particularly good time for us all to find new motivation and we have some couch-to-5K programs to help.

HMF training group
Our training programs run through the year for different skill and goals levels. The first 8-week beginner/intermediate 5K group training programs start this month to prepare for the O’Races (Courthouse O’Putnam 5K, the O’Niantic 5K and Max’s O’Hartford 5K) in March.  The program is designed to get you fit and prepared to make it to the finish line, with great byproducts of weight loss and stress reduction in a fun and motivating group setting! No experience is required, so you might even be able to convince naysayer friends to join you (you know, the ones who will say they can’t run or don’t understand why people run!).

Our coaches help with motivation, pacing and workout plans designed to suit your goals.  Groups meet every Saturday morning for group training sessions and then you continue to build up your endurance on your own throughout the week with provided workout plans.  The hope is to provide the right balance of personal and team motivation to get you moving again. Click here for more information.

Sometimes a set schedule and group of friends is all you need to get back into the swing of things. Workout buddies are great for motivation, ideally providing a good influence on each other to reach training goals.
If you want to go it alone or the craziness of your life schedule just doesn’t allow for training groups or workout buddies, we can help you get to a 5K in 5 weeks with a free “Learn to Run” training program.

We know you can do it, we’ve seen countless examples of people in your shoes who have been so gratified to take up running or retire their USTA title!  Look forward to seeing you out there!

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