Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Create Your Balance - Making it All Work for You

I started running long distances when my kids were babies.  Finding the time to run all of those miles while juggling the needs of my kids, my home and the responsibilities of my full time job created stress, guilt and continuous imbalance.  Ever had that feeling? 

The Shluger family (still supporting marathon running!)
Some days it all comes together and other days, well, not so much. Creating your balance may require a different mix for you than for your running buddy or for the person you cross the finish line next to.  But, when the running community shares their experiences and pointers on what works for them, we can all benefit.  We want to foster that info-sharing and provide access and tips on relevant topics from leading experts and top-notch sources. 

Coming up later this month, we’ll bring you some words of wisdom from our friends at Runner’s World - a preview of what’s to come in the May 30 panel in Mystic on “The power of positive thinking: finding balance, training smarter, living guilt free.”

Next month, we will be tapping local experts in the field of nutrition to help you find new ways to fuel your body.  Some of the topics we’ll address include:
·       Assessing calorie intake when level of activity fluctuates with training
·       Preparing for a big race – it’s more than just the meal the night before
·       On-the-go, quick nutrition options
·       Race day nutrition
·       Tried and true recipes for power meals

We want to hear from you too!  Together with our partners at United Bank, we want Create Your Balance to address your needs and to share your words of wisdom.  Please follow conversations on Facebook and Twitter @runHMF to learn more.

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  1. Hi, good one. Balance is extremely important in running, and balance is easy to take for granted as a runner. You need two things to avoid falling down each time your foot strikes the ground during running: stability and balance. Running is the same way. The better your balance becomes, the more relaxed you will run. As I am a runner I think adding some barefoot running in training will improve your balance while you run without any need to perform “balance workouts” outside of running.