Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Getting race ready!

We’re coming into the home stretch, with about two and half weeks until Eversource Hartford Marathon & Half Marathon race day.  We are hearing from runners in training groups, on the HMF Events Running Group page and at events about how they’re preparing in these final weeks – avoiding injury and staying healthy are key!

Check our Training Tips page for some words of advice from Select Physical Therapy on addressing tightness or pain before it leads to other issues.  We don’t want you side-lined by injury!  It's taper time, one of the most important aspects of the marathon training cycle but difficult for many to implement - check out some pointers here.

Getting ready for race day takes physical and mental preparation, finding the right balance to get you to the finish line is different for everyone.  We checked in with the team of runners from United Bank - a group that includes everyone from experienced marathon runners to first time 5K participants. They shared some of their strategies for getting race ready below, please share in comments any tips and strategies you have.

Samantha Paré – 5K
I’ve never been much of a runner and haven’t been very physically active for a couple years, since becoming a mom.  Six weeks ago I started running 3 times a week using a couch to 5k app, it starts you off at an easy level and gradually increases in difficulty. It has been rewarding to see my distance grow after each run.

Diane Lipes – Eversource Half Marathon
I am following the training suggested by the Hartford Marathon Group. I also run with the group on most Saturday mornings from the Glastonbury Center. Believing in myself that I can do it is my mental preparation!

Dena Hall – Eversource Half Marathon
Fitting this training schedule into work, home, kids, volunteer commitments and fall sports is a mental exercise in creating my balance! I spend time each week planning out my schedule and various commitments and figuring out how and where to fit my runs.

Katie Mascolo – Eversource Half Marathon
Aside from running I have been staying active in other ways including hiking, walking my dog and light lifting. I have also found the importance of staying hydrated and stretching!

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