Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Frequent Miler Program - Rewards Time!

We have great participation in the new HMF Frequent Miler program for 2015, thank you!!  This is a new system, so please be patient as we help answer your questions and work through any minor kinks.

A few reminders for our participants.  All communication was sent to the email your registered for the program with, please make sure your receive our emails to that address.  Only run event miles are included in the points total you were emailed on Friday.  Triathlon points are based on the run portion only.  Miles earned through comped race entries are NOT included (log in to your Chronotrack profile to review your event registrations). 

Visit the Frequent Miler Shop link provided in your email to review and choose your own rewards based on your points earned.   You must fill out and submit the order form by February 6th.   These are all custom orders and will be placed together at that time.   Please expect 4-6 weeks for all orders to be fulfilled; details on shipping and free reward pick-up options outlined below.

You must use all points within one transaction/order.  Earned points for miles DO NOT carry over to 2016.

You may only redeem rewards based on total points earned, there are no cash transactions allowed.

Only Frequent Miler members who previously signed up for the program and paid registration fees to race at least 5 events in 2015 are eligible to participate.

You may pick up reward merchandise at HMF offices in Glastonbury upon notification of order arrivals.

You may designate friends/family to pick-up merchandise for you at HMF offices in Glastonbury.  They will need to sign-off on the pick-up.

You can choose to ship your merchandise for a flat $5 shipping/handling fee (to be billed upon shipping).

Race registration rewards are only valid toward NEW race registrations, refunds will not be issued from registrations already finalized.  Race registration reward codes will be emailed the week of February 8, 2016 and must be used in 2016

2016 Frequent Miler Program

Missed out this year or want to join again in 2016?? There will be a separate program and sign-up for 2016 with information announced before the start of race season.  Please stay tuned for details!

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