Friday, January 29, 2016

Team HMF 2016

The off-season isn’t a quiet place in our office.   We’re working through lots of details … introducing new races and series, researching course tweaks, updating swag offerings, pouring over feedback from runners and race notes.  We like to think this fine-tuning and extra effort makes the difference in why you race with us time and again.

One of the programs that we’re currently updating is Team HMF, and we’ve had a number of inquiries about applications.  While you will see some new faces on Team HMF in 2016, we are not putting out an open call for applications this year. 

Instead, we’re focusing on how the team will support the local running community more.  We’re adding some new elements for the Team to help runners on race-day, whether it’s guiding warm-up runs or helping you prepare for course challenges and getting your mental game race-ready.    The Team will be present as we offer more free clinics and training opportunities to help you all interact and learn from each other’s experiences.

We’d like to hear your ideas as well – how can we, and the Team, go the extra mile for you?  Please share thoughts in comments below or send us a message via Facebook or Twitter to connect directly.

Those of you interested in being part of Team HMF in the future, rest assured we do plan to open up the field to new athletes in 2017.  We will be creating a more thorough and interactive application process to mirror the way the Team members engage in the running community.  Look for details at the end of this year’s season.


  1. One of my favorite parts about running is talking about running! Nothing inspires me more in the off-season than meeting up with an old friend and talking about what the year ahead looks like. We talk about old races, new races, and new challenges. One thought for Team HMF would be organizing informal meet ups in the off-season! Share running war stories over a pint or a coffee. It could be after a training run, or a long day at work.
    Thanks for all you do HMF!

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  3. I can get a little intimidated before races so I would LOVE a gang with whom to warm-up and loosen up beforehand. I also hear people frequently declare, "I really should stretch more after races..." And, I feel the same way. Why don't we do it?!? Maybe some of the team could lead a group stretch while results are being finalized. I would totally dig it! Thx, HMF!

    1. Awesome idea Jackie O, I'm in!

    2. That's a great idea Jackie!!!.....come see us at the "What's Your Next Race?" tent after each race, I am sure that we would be happy to stretch with you!!

  4. I love both of what Hannah and Jackie have shared. How great to share our stories during off season Hannah. Jackie, I couldn't agree more with post stretching. It also gives us runner a chance to share our race experience together.