Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Create Your Balance

Being a strong runner takes different effort for different people.  Some follow training plans, seek expertise of coaches or run with groups; others heavily cross train with swimming, biking, strength training or yoga; some of us have strict diets or very particular food rituals to help our performance.

There’s no one right way to create the balance that works best for you.  We want to help you explore more options and give you credible sources to connect with.

With the support of United Bank, we’re putting together a top-notch crew of local resources to bring the experts to you - here on the blog, on our social pages and at special race events. 

From experts in cardiology, podiatry and ortho to nutritionists and trainers, we’ll
             cover your medical questions. 

We’ll bring you coaches and trainers to help you focus on improving your time or 
increasing your mileage. 

Our partners in physical therapy will address injury prevention and recovery.

The latest trends in apparel and shoes will be delivered by running trend experts.

We want to hear from you – send your questions and talk with our experts on Facebook and Twitter @runHMF.  We’ll be introducing experts in the next month.

United Bank is a returning HMF partner with headquarters right here in Glastonbury and more than 50 branches throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Check out more about the great things they do for their customers and employees here!

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