Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mystic Half Marathon opens for charity registration

We know that the strict course limits for the Mystic Half Marathon have frustrated runners who want in on this beautiful, sold-out race.  While we can’t do anything to change the number of runners allowed on the course, we can make sure every one of those spots is filled.

How do we have registration openings?
At each HMF event, a set number of registration spaces are reserved for race sponsors (allotted as part of their sponsorship) and community partners, such as the local training group.  This year, we have confirmed that some of these spaces will not be used.  We will open limited registration for charity starting Thursday, April 28, at 9:00 am, (register here).

What charity will benefit?
With a lot of inquiries and a limited number of spaces available, these spots will be at a premium to benefit a great cause – the future runners in CT communities!  In addition to benefitting the charitable works of the Mystic Rotary, as every race registration will do, these limited spaces will also benefit the HMF FitKids in School program. $20 of each $100 charity race registration fee will go directly to this initiative.

The HMF FitKids in School program is a non-profit provided free to schools and students across the state through the generous support of the Aetna Foundation, United Bank Connecticut and runner donations.
Who will get to register?
We’ve been telling runners to follow us on social media and check our Web site for updates if spaces become available.  We have to accommodate new registration on a first-come, first-served basis since we know we can’t get everyone in that has emailed, called or messaged us.  We’re giving you a day of advanced notice, tell your friends!  We don’t know how long the limited spaces will be open, so please act quickly.

Want in on the Triple Half Challenge?
If you ran the April 24 Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half Marathon but weren’t able to get in the Triple Half Challenge, you may still participate!  You must register for one of these limited spaces before charity registration closes and register for the October 8 Eversource Hartford Half Marathon.

How to register?
Just click here to register (opens 4/28 at 9 am), your tax deductible $20 donation to HMF FitKids in School will be processed within the Chronotrack registration process.

What about the 10K?
Please note, charity registration is available in the half marathon only at this time.  If registered 10K runners defer their registration, individual 10K spaces will automatically open with the additional $20 charity registration fee added to current registration pricing.  We have no control over the timing/availability of charity 10K registration)

Registered for the 10K and want to upgrade to the Half?
Registered 10K runners may upgrade to the Mystic Half by following the directions for making a Race Distance Transfer here.  You will pay the upgrade in fees and $10 transfer fee in addition to the $20 charity donation.

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