Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beer! It's not what's for breakfast (on Sundays)

Beer!  We love it just as much as you do - really, you should see our office fridge (Kidding...well, sort of).  As it turns out though, we may have inadvertently been doing the opposite of following the rules when it comes to beer at early Sunday races.

We don’t want you to be disappointed when beer is no longer part of celebrations at races we’ve traditionally raised our glasses at – including this Sunday’s Shamrock Duathlon and 3.3 mile run.  Ok, you can be a little disappointed, we get it – but please don’t take it out on us for being rule followers, albeit a little late to game on this one.  

It was brought to our attention that beer is not allowed to be served before 11:00 am on Sundays in the state of Connecticut.  So, we’re focusing on how to replace the cold post-race brew. It’s slightly impossible to do, but we’re making some serious effort here.  

This weekend, we’ve got Irish Stout Ice Cream Floats.  Look forward to refreshing root beer, Coke or cream soda with Irish stout flavored ice cream made especially for us by Shady Glen in Manchester.  If we can’t serve beer, we can try to mimic its deliciousness in a made-with-love cold treat.  What do you think, good idea?

The Women’s Triathlon and Surftown Half Marathon & 5K will also be affected by these silly little things called “laws”, blah.  But don’t worry, the Harpoon Beer Garden at the Eversource Hartford Marathon & Half Marathon is safe – no complaints about a Saturday race knowing if you’re 21+ with ID you get the beer afterward!
We’re open to ideas, how do you want us to replace the brew at the post-race party?


  1. You'll never please everyone, but some ideas are chocolate milk, iced coffee, or protein shakes. I like the root beer float idea too. I can't wait to get mine on Sunday!

  2. Byob? ....seriously that law needs ta go.

  3. Can deal with the no beer on Sunday rule but... Cardboard medals? Seriously? The bike chain concept is awesome but thank god it didn't pour to completely ruin the medals.. A little sweat did enough damage .. Disappointed compared to prior years medals and post race food, etc.