Thursday, March 5, 2020

New race shirt fit & fabric

We understand that there's no one fit, fabric, color or design that will please everyone when it comes to athlete race shirt swag. We strive to provide the highest quality but also listen when we receive feedback, especially if there are common trends across various people's comments.

For 2020, we endeavored a more thorough review of athlete race shirt options and enlisted runners from the HMF community to drive the decision. We appreciate the time and honest assessments provided by our shirt testers, who represent a cross section of shapes, sizes and preferences. We asked them each to wear, wash and work-out in eight different shirts from 4 vendors and provide specifics on their likes, dislikes and experiences.

Based on that feedback, a new shirt vendor has been chosen for 2020 events. Greenlayer's 100% polyester knit microfiber shirts with wicking technology offer comfort and resilience (plus they are available in a ton of great colors!).

The quick-drying fabric moves moisture to the surface to evaporate to keep you dry and cool. The light weight performance fabric is highly breathable and helps regulate body temperature (for those extra-sweaty PR races).

In terms of fit, the Greenlayer shirts are less form-fitting than previous HMF race shirts. Women’s fit shirts have a V-neck and the short sleeves are still a bit cropped, men’s fit shirts have a crew neck. As always, we welcome participants to choose whatever fit they feel most comfortable in and will continue to offer shirt size exchanges IF there are extra shirts available after race start - we just hope you won't have to!

If getting a shirt size is important to you, please register early! Size requests are only guaranteed 21+ days before an event.

Please view the size chart to determine your ideal fit.


  1. Thanks for making so much information available. I see that your smallest women's shirt is a small -- with a 35" chest!. Based on my experience, there are a lot of runners much smaller than that. How about adding a Women's X-small, going down to at least a 32"? --

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