Wednesday, August 18, 2021

RiMaConn Relay - Meet the "Real Housewives of Worcester County"

The "Real Housewives of Worcester County" just wanted a good reason to get away from their hectic lives and spend some time together.  A 95 mile relay seems like a great way to take a break, right?  Two members of the team participated in 2019 and rallied a group for their second time running RiMaConn Relay, presented by Webster Bank. The members of the team are Amanda St. George, Rachel Foskett, Michele Loughlin, Danielle Thornbrugh, Sadie Vivenzio and Amanda White, learn a little more about what motivates them:

What inspires your team to complete this epic adventure?  We just really want a fun day away. Running is the only time we get peace and quiet. What better excuse do you need to get away from the kids and husbands?  Between the 6 of us we have 12 kids - 7 boys and 5 girls - ranging in age from 12 to 4. All of our kids play soccer, and a few of us have kids in other sports basketball, baseball,  cheerleading, horseback riding, football, rock climbing, gymnastics.  And probably more, it doesn't end.

What do you want other teams to know about you?  We are A LOT of fun, but we are REALLY slow!

What are you most excited about for race day? Most nervous about?  We are super excited to explore the course, make new memories and create new inside jokes with the girls. We are most nervous about those hills!

How did the team come together?
Two moms on the team ran at the first RiMaConn and loved it. Then we just asked other moms around town at our kids’ sporting events. Eventually we found 6 people crazy enough to do it! 

What the inspiration for the team name "Real Housewives of Worcester County"?  Four of us live in the same neighborhood...and we live in a hood that is just like those shows! Amanda W and Rachel became friends with us when our kids started school/organized sports about 4 years ago.

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